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Crew Change

22nd March 2019 A quick crew change.  Escapade has never had so many visitors! We waved farewell to Rob and Ailar and went back to the airport to meet our last guest of the season, Fiona arriving from Auckland for a week. A week’s not long in the Tuamotus, time flies down here. Just when […]

Five Go Fishing In Fakarava

The Surprise It’s been four years since our friend Monty last came sailing on Escapade, island hopping in the Caribbean. Now he’s flying in from France to Fakarava to join us for a few weeks in the atolls. The boat is moored in front of Matthieu and Agnès’s place, they give us a lift to […]

Somewhere in the Tuamotus

Surfing Adrien showed me the set-up.  I follow him out through the pass, swirling currents jostling the dinghies.  Then out of the tide and round the back of the reef, beyond the surf, we anchor the dinghies in 3m of clear still water.  I paddle nervously in towards the break and take it all in. […]

Cyril & Kirstin

Cyril and Kirstin are suffering from that old problem, lack of boat. Over the last few years they have been getting interested in sailing; flotilla holidays, charters, Day-Skipper courses, now they are in that happy phase of considering what sort of boat to buy, and where they might sail with her.  Reading about boats, going […]


19th January It was only 185 miles from Ahe to Makemo, but upwind for a day and night, dodging squalls and taking every lift we could find in the variable breeze. We were happy to reel in a fat yellowfin tuna, who supplied us with a few tasty meals. That night we saw ‘moonbows’ in […]


Sorry this has taken so long.  We have been out in the atolls.  Fantastic nature around us, reefs, fish, birds, and a complete lack of internet.  Now we’re back online for the first time in weeks so here’s the first of the updates…   26th December 2018 Land ahoy!  We sight the tops of the […]

Tahiti to Tikehau

  Tahiti 2nd December 2018 Back to the boat.  I always feel we have neglected the boat when we’re away, although she was well looked after, with Jemima boat-sitting part of the time we were gone.  This is the first time we have left Escapade afloat, on a mooring.  I nervously check all the systems, […]

The Hawaii Diary

  Sorry for the long gap between updates.  It’s a combination of lack of internet and writer’s block. Mainly the latter, but I know what caused the blockage. A good friend of ours died in September.  A friendship forged in teenage years that survived in to our fifties. It was suicide. This was a huge […]

The Society Islands

It’s funny how the clichéd images of Polynesia are actually still quite real. If I told you about the beautiful women with flowers behind their ears, musclebound men strumming ukuleles under coconut trees, an outrigger canoe outside every house and everyone has traditional tattoos, it would sound like a cartoon, but it’s sort of true. […]

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