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Tahiti to Tikehau

  Tahiti 2nd December 2018 Back to the boat.  I always feel we have neglected the boat when we’re away, although she was well looked after, with Jemima boat-sitting part of the time we were gone.  This is the first time we have left Escapade afloat, on a mooring.  I nervously check all the systems, […]

The Hawaii Diary

  Sorry for the long gap between updates.  It’s a combination of lack of internet and writer’s block. Mainly the latter, but I know what caused the blockage. A good friend of ours died in September.  A friendship forged in teenage years that survived in to our fifties. It was suicide. This was a huge […]

The Society Islands

It’s funny how the clichéd images of Polynesia are actually still quite real. If I told you about the beautiful women with flowers behind their ears, musclebound men strumming ukuleles under coconut trees, an outrigger canoe outside every house and everyone has traditional tattoos, it would sound like a cartoon, but it’s sort of true. […]

The Turquoise Bubble

This is it. Living in the turquoise bubble. Anchored in a huge shallow lagoon, no other boats in sight. Swimming, windsurfing, freediving, cooking our way through the supplies.  Sharks and rays cruise by.  Days slide by. After a few days my brain clicks out of gear into neutral. This is it.  The languor of the […]

French Polynesia

7th June This last leg was to take us a mere 300 miles WNW of Pitcairn, but we were tested by one more gale before we found shelter in the Gambiers. We had been getting along very nicely, with the occasional 12kt surf, when the wind completely changed gear and started to howl. Suddenly we […]

Pitcairn Island

So after ten long days and nights battling contrary winds and seas, we raise the green peak of Pitcairn on a Sunday morning. As we sail closer we can see swell surging around the dark cliffs and off-lying rocks, shrouded in a mist of spray. Above are coconut trees, sprouting from sheer rock walls, and […]

Easter Island, between a rock and a hard place.

21st May: The Rock The Original Polynesian name for this island is Te Pito o te Henua, ‘The Navel of the World’. A sticky-out button in the huge round belly of the Pacific. Then a passing Dutch navigator caught sight of it on Easter Sunday 1771 and named it Easter Island, while the islanders were […]

The rock, the windlass and the Russians.

Sorry for the long silence. I have been offline for weeks. I sent the last update to Dawn by satellite phone when we arrived in Easter Island, but text only, Dawn improvised some images. So now Dawn is back on board, we have all arrived in Tahiti, internet is firing, we will now post the […]

Galapagos to Easter Island

8th May So we are sailing away from Galapagos after 3 islands and 3 weeks. Most cruising boats sail straight past the Galapagos these days, on their way to the Marquesas. The Galapagos are not particularly welcoming to yachts.  The permits are expensive and there are lots of restrictions on what you can (and mainly […]

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