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Back to the atolls.

January 19th Crew change After a leisurely lap of the Tikehau lagoon, Dawn is leaving me for a few weeks.  We’ve been away from home since October and Dawn needs to be in Guernsey and England to see family and friends. The problem is that it’s cyclone season here, so if a storm threatened while […]

Tahaa to Tikehau

Sorry the blog has not been updated due to lack of internet and lack of Dawn. (She’s back now.) So here’s the notes from January… Our friend Fi arrived from Auckland to help us celebrate the turning of the new decade. We spent a few days circumnavigating the island of Taha’a.  North wind allowed us […]

Bora Bora

  6th December 2019 Bora Bora.  Is it real? I have read that Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world. Her spectacular twin peaks surrounded by a glorious blue lagoon. It’s truly gorgeous to look at as you arrive by sea, sail in through the pass and find a spot to anchor […]

The South Seas Season

Roosters in the mango tree. 17th November 2019 Another house, another tropical garden. We have flown south from Hawaii to Tahiti, switched hemispheres, from Maui winter to Polynesian summer. Now we are back in Raiatea where Escapade has been well cared for at Chantier Naval Des Iles. While we prepare to re-launch, we are living […]

Island Hopping

8th October 2019 At this time of year, my favourite island is blessed with big ocean swells and non-stop windy days. Yes, it was hard to leave Guernsey in October. As summer turned to autumn we had enjoyed weeks of great conditions, the equinox, lots of energy in the air and in the water.  The […]

The Blind Pass

We sailed north from Fakarava to Toau again, but this time to the ‘Anse Amyot’ on the north side of the atoll. It’s looks like a wide open pass into the lagoon, but there’s no way through the shallow reef across the inside, so it’s really just a dead end between two motus. A ‘faux […]

Crew Change

22nd March 2019 A quick crew change.  Escapade has never had so many visitors! We waved farewell to Rob and Ailar and went back to the airport to meet our last guest of the season, Fiona arriving from Auckland for a week. A week’s not long in the Tuamotus, time flies down here. Just when […]

Five Go Fishing In Fakarava

The Surprise It’s been four years since our friend Monty last came sailing on Escapade, island hopping in the Caribbean. Now he’s flying in from France to Fakarava to join us for a few weeks in the atolls. The boat is moored in front of Matthieu and Agnès’s place, they give us a lift to […]

Somewhere in the Tuamotus

Surfing Adrien showed me the set-up.  I follow him out through the pass, swirling currents jostling the dinghies.  Then out of the tide and round the back of the reef, beyond the surf, we anchor the dinghies in 3m of clear still water.  I paddle nervously in towards the break and take it all in. […]

Cyril & Kirstin

Cyril and Kirstin are suffering from that old problem, lack of boat. Over the last few years they have been getting interested in sailing; flotilla holidays, charters, Day-Skipper courses, now they are in that happy phase of considering what sort of boat to buy, and where they might sail with her.  Reading about boats, going […]

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